Morning Chat with @JoeyVPriceHR

It's always a great day when you can connect with HR pals.  Today, I had the fortune to spend some time talking with JumpStartHR's J

An Interview with #SHRM18 Speaker Joey Price

Joey Price does it all. He's an entrepreneur, CEO of Jumpstart:HR, blogger, podcaster, and coffee connoisseur. And he also knows a little bit about leadership. It's that topic that he'll be speaking on at #SHRM18 in Chicago. The title of his session is "EmployME Engagement: How to Drive Employee Engagement in a Society That's All About Me." I was fortunate enough to catch up with Joey to get a glimpse into this session. KE: What got you interested in this topic in the first place? JP: Being an employee myself, I was selfishly interested in what motivates employees. I was a kinesiology major in college, basically I was focused on what it takes for the bodies of athletes to excel. As I

Context Is King

The other day as I was coming into the office, I happened to pass by one of my coworkers who was already at her desk working.  I said good m

Drive Thru HR episode

Fellow veteran HR Blogger Mike VanDervort (@MikeVanDervort) is doing a series on Drive Thru HR called "Meet the #SHRM18 Bloggers".

The Power of an Apology

I'm a firm believer that we learn more from mistakes than we do from successes. And as I reflected on this series of events over the nex

No One Cares How Much You Know...

As leaders, and especially as #HR pros, we should constantly be on a search for knowledge. And we should expect the same of our team members

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