What's In A Name?

A result that was unintended is the perfect time to start a dialogue. Something happened, and it needs to be discussed. It isn't admitti

The Death of the "M"-word

Being a leader is complicated, because people are complicated. There's no escaping it. If you don't think you can handle it, then do

#SHRM18 - HR Is Simple, Really

Steve isn't your typical HR guy. He wears jeans and tie die shirts. He laughs at things, makes jokes, loves music. And also, he thinks t

Find Your Zen

How many times have you had an employee in your office, frustrated and telling you in no uncertain terms that they can't work with a certain person on their team or in their office? They can tell you exactly what the other person does on an hour-to-hour basis that drives them absolutely crazy, and how it's a barrier to their success. And what do they want at the end of the day? That other person has to go. But how often does the complaining employee also talk about the things that THEY can do themselves to help the situation? Not often enough, says Dr. Karlyn Borysenko (@DrKarlynB) today at the SHRM Smart Stage. Her 18-minute micro presentation talked about the importance of finding yo

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