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#SHRM19: Thank A Volunteer

It's no secret: the #SHRM19 conference is a massive undertaking. Getting almost 20,000 people where they need to be at any given time is no simple feat. But that's exactly what the SHRM Volunteers do every day of the conference. Guiding attendees to their sessions, answering questions, and ushering the herd to and from the general sessions. And they do it all with a smile on their face. They are truly the chosen ones.

I spent some time today taking a walk around the convention center and connecting with these fabulous individuals and just saying "Thank you". I have a feeling they don't hear it enough, but they should. Because they're choosing to be here for free, with the simple goal of helping our attendees and having an opportunity to take advantage of the countless learning and networking opportunities this conference affords.

So as the conference comes to a close, please please PLEASE go up to each volunteer you see and say "Thank you!!". Shake their hand, give them a hug, a fist bump, whatever! Just show them some love. Because they deserve it. #ThankAVolunteer

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