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Psst... I'm still here!

Hi everyone!!

Things have been crazy here at work over the past few months. Between that and a set of 3-year old kiddos at home, I haven't posted any new blogs recently. But I'm still here, still loving my role in HR, and trying to make just one person's life a little better each day.

Stay tuned for some blog posts in the next couple weeks. One I have in the works I'm pretty excited about, is about simplifying our leadership, and stripping it down to the bare essentials. I truly believe that sometimes we overcomplicate what it means to be a leader. The thousands of leadership books published each year only compounds the sense of complexity.

Especially for someone who is just entering the realm of leadership, the landscape can seem daunting. I'm excited to present a stripped down, common sense approach to Leadership that focuses on what is truly important, and can allow us to build a rock-solid foundation for anyone who desires to lead, whether they have a title or not.

So with that, I wish you a happy Wednesday.

-- Keith

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